Friday, June 12, 2009

Live: Animal Collective/Black Dice

[pic from Gorilla Vs. Bear] I saw Animal Collective and Black Dice at Club Firestone on Wednesday night. I'm not a big fan, but Black Dice records are definitely interesting, to say the least. Their collages of truly unique noises converging into some semblance of dance music is most often an engrossing listen, but I was just annoyed live. During their non-stop set, hour-long set, I got the feeling like I was watching some bellwether of a horrible new kind of self-indulgent electronic jam-band movement. Worse still were two guys dancing (completely out of sync with the 4/4 rhythm) next to me, occasionally commenting to one another about how great the show was, and questioning why nobody else was dancing. I really can't stand that arrogant sense of "enlightenment" that comes with fans of more "abstract" music. It's not that I didn't "get" it; Black Dice were simply amateurish that night. I'm not sure how they usually are live, but Wednesday they weren't good.

Since Merriweather Post Pavilion was released, the AnCo fanbase has increased greatly. I think it's a great record, but along with its popularity came an influx of new fans. And that's great, but not when those fans are annoying, clap arrhythmically at inopportune moments, and sing obnoxiously (even during the quiet parts). I can't fault the band for the show not being enjoyable, as they performed an awesome set. While I would have loved to hear some Feels favorites, most of the material was culled from MPP. They did, however, perform Here Comes the Indian's "Slippi", and a beautiful new song. The visuals for the second song featured a repeated image of "God" written in clouds from a skywriter plane, which was appropriate for the airy, ethereal feel, and Avey Tare's repeated refrain of (what sounded like, but may or may not have been): "All I want is God". Animal Collective haven't really spoken about spirituality before (to my knowledge), so this came as a surprise. Regardless of what he sang, it was beautiful, and a great change of pace. After "Brothersport", they left the stage. As expected, they came back out for an encore of "My Girls" (surprise).


chet said...
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chet said...

Lawlz. I put up my thoughts about the show on my blog earlier today.

The Black Dice: two thumbs down. And I would have love some Sung Tongs or Feels stuff.

It wasn't the crowd that annoyed me, just the amount of crowd let in. It was like a giant slave ship in there.

Mike said...

By new song did you mean the one with the lyric "I should be floating but I'm weighted by thinking"? Because that one was awesome and I've never heard that before.