Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spotlight: Paavoharju

I saw this album on several Tiny Mixtapes writers' top ten of 2008 lists. The name alone made me do a google search. I liked the artwork, particularly because it recalls Agnes Montgomery's work for Panda Bear (she designed the phenomenal covers for Person Pitch and all of its singles ). As soon as the record began to play, I was floored. It's like an ethereal psych-folk sound collage, and sounds unlike anything I've ever heard. Sometimes it is indeed reminiscent of Panda Bear, one track sounds like a recent Gang Gang Dance B-side, and sometimes the group plays straightforward folk music (though combined with field recordings and processed through decimation effects and filters).

I know very little about this Finnish group, but their latest album, Laulu Laakson Kukista, is fantastic. Songs transition seamlessly, and the whole affair is blissful and dreamy. Portions sound like ancient folk music recordings, then they break out synthesizers and decimation effects. Intriguing, truly beautiful music. Get this now.


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