Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Terrible lyrics

I was just listening to the A-trak remix of "Get 'em high", from The Graduate mixtape. First of all, that song is awesome. Trizzy mashes the a capella track with the Knife's "Heartbeats" instrumental (well, Karin sings on the chorus), and the result is a lighthearted party track. I was enjoying it as usual, until the part of the song I dread -- Common's verse. I don't really like Common that much. I haven't heard his early work, but am really unimpressed with the latest records, as well as how he seems more intent on being recognized for his "unique" style than his subpar rap skills. After a few solid minutes from Kanye and A-trak, Common takes the mic, almost stumbling over the oh-so-heinous line

"Real rappers is hard to find -- like a remote."

...Seriously? Who let him keep that line in there? Why was this not cut? Where was the quality control in the studio? Evidently taking the day off. An awkward sounding, just-plain-bad analogy. Shame, Common, shame.

What are some of the worst lyrics, hip hop or otherwise? Share them, it'll be fun!


natasha said...

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, those lyrics speak to me. aha, although my girl Brit can't quite top that line, there's a line in her song Ooh Ooh Baby that cracks me up: "you know i have an appetite for sexy things".

Anonymous said...

I believe it is "Real rappers is hard to find, like a remote...control." God, quote it right.

Anyway, that's a good song, if only for the beat.

ae said...

I agree with you Lukas, some of his lyrics are pretty lame/cliche.
For example in his album "Finding Forever" The song Driving Me Wild has silly/witty rhymes that just make me laugh
"She was the type to watch Oprah and the Today Show
Be on the treadmill, uh, like "Okay, go" "
I can't take Common serious with a rhyme like that especially on an album that is about Finding Forever, in10 years no one will really understand his little pop culture references to myspace and viral music videos

hunter said...

"i love you like a fat kid love cake."

Lukas said...

these are all fantastic contributions, I want to see more. And Hunter, thanks for reminding me of the brilliance of 50 cent... that's from "21 questions", right? A close runner up from that track "Would you still love me if I was flippin' burgers at burger king?" Also, any 50 cent reference to "the magic stick" is good in my book.

pulchritude said...

anything Taylor Swift writes.

Mike said...

Nope, that one about takes the cake. Although The Streets has some AWFUL ones, but I think that's the point.