Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, I have no idea who reads this blog (other than close friends), but I'm inviting you to tune in to WVFS Tallahassee (The Voice of Florida State!) today from 2-4 PM while I DJ. I might put up a tracklist or selected favorites later today.
Also, I'm DJ-ing every Saturday morning from 6-10 am this semester, and would like some requests.
WVFS Tallahassee
Listen (stream in your audio player)!

The shift went very well. I need to start planning the shift a bit in advance so I'm not scrambling... despite having 20,000+ CDs and lots of LPs to choose from, I still had trouble deciding. Too many choices. I did, however, play some awesome songs. A few highlights:

Luomo (feat. Apparat), "Love you All"
Oval, "Shop in Store"
Neu!, "Isi"
Gastr Del Sol, "The Seasons Reverse"
Antony & The Johnsons, "One Dove"
Fabio Orsi, "Lost Love"
Mount Eerie & Julie Doiron, "Lost Wisdom"

if you haven't heard any of these awesome groups/artists for any reason, get on it.


Anonymous said...

Argh! iTunes won't stream it and the directions on streaming help on the WVFS homepage won't show up! This is so aggravating!

I hope it goes well, you'll have to tell me all about it!

Mike said...

1. I still read it Lukas, me being Mike

2. I have class, or had class, but I'll tune in for your middle of the night shift.

natasha said...

nice! i'll have to give it a listen. btw way to completely cop out of UP PR! i just got added as a volunteer, apparently you're not making any of the meetings this semester?

Lukas said...

Emily- sorry... we got a call to the station today with the same complaint, and we're currently waiting on a new motherboard or something technical like that.

Mike- thanks for the continued support. Luv u.

Natasha- that's awesome, congratulations! Yeah, the PR meetings cut into my poetry class time, so... no more PR volunteer meetings for me! Also, I have your copy of MPP, and can get it to you whenever.

Sam C. Mac said...

"One Dove" is my favorite track from the new Antony. "Everglade" is really good too though. Wish I could hear the set, that'd be fun, maybe when you get a new motherboard or something.

Music lists sometime this week maybe? I put a "coming soon" sign over the page on the site, to avoid having it just be a pic with no link. Anyway, that would be super cool...