Monday, May 4, 2009

Record Review: St. Vincent

St. Vincent
[2009, 4AD]

FULL REVIEW HERE. First of all, the rating I think this album deserves is about an 8.5 (alas, the five star scale doesn't allow for that). Annie Clark's vocals are perfectly eerie and aloof, reflecting the uneasy nature of the lyrics (kids foaming at the mouth, kids with daddy's smith & wesson, etc.). I haven't heard such a good marriage of form and content in awhile, so fans of clever songwriting, take note. Though its highs don't quite surpass Marry Me's soaring climaxes, it's overall a much more cohesive effort, and one that you should really go check out. Now.

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Zach said...

how much does her beauty factor into her score?

Lukas said...

if beauty were factored in, the album would get a 4.5/5