Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mixtape #4: Warp

Warp Records just turned twenty years, and is celebrating by putting on some amazing shows and releasing this absolutely beautiful box set. Included in the set are a few mixes -- one from label co-founder Steve Beckett, another with tracks voted on by the fans, and some sort of mash-up disc. If a generous reader would like to purchase one for me, I would love them forever (seriously).
I attribute my love of electronic music in part to Warp Records. Their pioneering stable of artists is inspiring, and the breadth of stylistic ground their bands cover is impressive in itself. To celebrate the venerable label, I decided to curate a humble mix of my own. It barely scratches the surface, but I included many of my personal favorites from the roster (sadly, Jamie Liddell and Bibio narrowly missed the cut due to some sequencing issues). Also, I think this is the best mixtape I've made yet. Get it Here, and share your thoughts on Warp Records (or... anything, really) in the comments.

Song Order:
0:00 – 4:33 Aphex Twin “Vordhosbn”
4:33 – 9:58 Boards of Canada “Julie and Candy”
9:58 – 13:01 Flying Lotus “Tea Leaf Dancers”
13:01 – 17:11 Squarepusher “Don't Go Plastic”
17:11 – 21:00 Broadcast “The World Backwards”
21:00 – 24:10 Prefuse 73 “Perverted Undertone”
24:10 – 26:45 Jackson and His Computer Band “Hard Tits”
26:45 – 32:18 Clark “Matthew Unburdened”
34:12 – 38:08 Born Ruffians “Kurt Vonnegut”
38:07 – end Grizzly Bear “Reprise”