Thursday, August 20, 2009

Record Review: Blind Man's Colour

Blind Man's Colour
Season Dreaming
[2009, Kanine Records]

Full review Here. In a recent interview, the two young men of Blind Man’s Colour responded to accusations of aping Animal Collective. According to the St. Petersburg, FL natives, Orhan Chettri and Kyle Wyss have been sampling water and incorporating similar sounds into their collage-style works since 2006. They continued by noting that Animal Collective’s Water Curses EP, the recording that BMC’s sound most closely resembles, was released in 2008; it wasn’t a matter of plagiarism so much as coincidence. It wasn’t coincidence, however, that Blind Man’s Colour first rose to prominence on the blog-buzz of several Animal Collective covers they recorded prior to the release of Merriweather Post Pavilion, a move that of course openly invites the comparison.

Maybe I was a little harsh on this one. I do agree with parts of Joe Colly's review on Pitchfork, particularly when he mentions that BMC certainly won't be the last of Animal Collective imitators. Perhaps it would have been better if the group hadn't released their digital EP of AC covers. The scenario reminds me of when Bradord Cox of Deerhunter advocated the practice instead of downloading a leaked album (which is a pretty unrealistic expectation for the majority of listeners). Anyway, like I say at the end of the review, the band is good at what they do, and there are a few pretty good tracks on Season Dreaming.

Buy it.

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