Monday, November 23, 2009

On Repeat: People Under the Stairs

LA hip-hop duo People Under the Stairs make fun music, plain and simple. Fun DMC is an homage to lazy Saturday afternoons, a collection of songs that celebrate idyllic times with friends. Listening to standout song "Gamin' on ya" never fails to put me in a good mood (perhaps it's due to my own long-lost affinity for video games). For me, video games were more often than not a solitary activity -- I would spend hours on end playing Zelda games on my N64. However, I did spend some quality time with my sister and close friends playing Goldeneye and Super Smash Brothers .
The rhymes are tight (consisting almost entirely of old-school video game references), but the production on this track is what always makes me come back for another listen. Built around a Galaga sample (that's honestly the only one I recognize) and a simple but propulsive and effective beat, not only does the track reflect the song's subject manner, but it also accentuates the communal feel and playfully competitive spirit of emcees Double K and Thes One. Listen, have a good time, and share your own video game reminiscences and/or sample identifications in the comments!

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