Wednesday, December 9, 2009

News: Steve Reich

I love Steve Reich. Not only is he one of the most venerable (deservedly so) living composers, but he just seems so unassuming. I don't know him, but his demeanor and dress belie his intellect and musical brilliance. Aside from the perfectly detailed lyrics of Matt Berninger, the instrumental contributions of the National are some of the most compelling in rock music today. Delicate, intricate guitar work, polyrhythmic experimentation, unique chord progressions...I can't wait to hear this piece.


Anonymous said...

what he says at the end there is the best part of that clip.

Chase Burke said...

This sounds really exciting. God, The National are so good, too. Anything I should look up by Steve Reich?

He mentioned Jonny Greenwood at the end...if he's playing in this little group of guitarists, my head just might explode.

Lukas said...

Yeah; I'd say check out "Music for 18 Musicians", "Piano Phase" and "Drumming"... all from three different eras. He's also made some more traditional symphonic/choral works like "Desert Music." I bought the "Phases" box set (a 5-disc "best of" from the original 10-disc box, haha) from Nonesuch, and it offers a very nice overview of Reich's work through the years. I believe it's only $30; for five CDs of really great music, it's worth it.