Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Headlights Look Like Diamonds

This fantastic song is from Arcade Fire's self titled debut EP. I heard it a few weeks ago... for some reason, I neglected the EP (I think I didn't initially like the first track or something; my loss) for a long time. I love Funeral and Neon Bible so much, so I'm revisiting this EP. It isn't as amazing as their full lengths, but a nice addition to their library no less. 

I submitted my first review to Tiny Mixtapes tonight, covering The Present's debut, World I See. to sum up the 500 or so words... it's a disappointment. Hearing that the guy behind
Person Pitch and Sung Tongs was putting out a record had me excited. Unfortunately, it never reaches the beautiful heights those two records do so easily. Shame.

I had the pleasure of seeing three awesome shows in a five day span; photos of those to come soon (my friend Zach took the pictures; I sadly forgot my camera to two of them, and sold merch at another). 

Sorry for the lack of album reviews/new content as of late; As soon as TMT posts my review, I'll link it. From now on, it'll be rare for me to post an album straight to here, as I have a monthly requirement to fulfill at the site. I'll try to keep coming up with content for you all
(I know that there are just hundreds, no THOUSANDS of readers to satisfy!) at as fast a pace as possible. 
Love you.
They're pretty great; their debut album is very, very good. I wish very much to share it with you...but you'll have to wait until October 28th. Sorry.

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