Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Record Review: Populous with Short Stories

Populous with Short Stories
Drawn In Basic
[2008, Morr Music]

This trans-continental collaboration comes to us from Germany's Morr Music label. Italian Andrea Mangia (Populous) handles most of the music, while New Yorker Michael McGuire (MC Short Stories... a curious moniker, as he does no rapping) sings. Go read my review HERE, and let me know what you think!
At the time of submission, I wasn't sure whether I was giving this 3/5 or 3.5/5, hence the discrepancy in ratings. 


ae said...

do you hail taxis often?

d00d you're reviews are becoming more accessible and identifiable.

John and Sarah said...

Dude you should just off yourself. Seriously, you are one of the most pompous ill informed music writers I've ever read and that's saying something. Please, please, please stop whining like some collegiate pussy and misinforming people with your crap. You have a bad ear and a faulty knowledge of music. Seriously -- just stop.

Lukas said...

hey john and sarah!
I appreciate the comment; good to know that somebody's actually reading this. I do want to know, though, where I'm "whining like some collegiate pussy"... honestly, I want to know so I can stop, you know, before I off myself. I don't want to do anything irrational or hasty!

Also, I could understand the malice if I'd really torn up a band in a review, but giving somebody a 70% is pretty respectable.