Thursday, October 30, 2008

To "John and Sarah"

To my dear commenter who cowers behind the veil of anonymity;

"Dude you should just off yourself. Seriously, you are one of the most pompous ill informed music writers I've ever read and that's saying something. Please, please, please stop whining like some collegiate pussy and misinforming people with your crap. You have a bad ear and a faulty knowledge of music. Seriously -- just stop"-John and Sarah

I appreciate the oh-so-thoughtful comment. 
Am I really as pompous as some Pitchfork writers...Brent DiCrescenzo, perhaps?
I mean, the guy's hilarious, and a great music critic, but I'd venture to say that he was a smidgen more pompous than I am.
And anticipating a possible reaction: yes, of course I read pitchfork. Yes, they're esoteric and often very harsh, but I think anybody would agree that they staff some of the best music writers in the industry.

"John and Sarah" [I REALLY hope that's a McCain/Palin're just too clever, and oh-so-relevant!], next time you decide to troll the internet, and feel like tearing somebody up for doing something they're passionate about, go ahead-
quitting is the farthest thing from my mind now. Thanks for giving me an audience.

With love,


Anonymous said...

My cousins' names are John and Sara.

And wouldn't I be the first to tell you you're pompous? Come on.

ae said...

you dont know me

Sandra said...

are you serious right now is that really t.i., oh my god.