Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gear lust: microKORG XL

Pictured above is the new microKORG XL synthesizer, a virtual analog like its predecessor, the lauded and loved microKORG. It's supposed to arrive in early 2009 in the UK, so we'll have to wait a bit longer. The microKORG was a great starter synth, but I moved on after two years with it to the KORG Radias rack unit. The new microKORG will have the same MMT multi modeling technology engine as the Radias and R3, and even an improved keyboard (so says KORG). Judging from the look of things, the keyboard will be much-improved.

I'm debating selling my microKORG so I can afford one of these when they come out. It's prettier, has a better keyboard, a display, more polyphony, and better sound capability. Anyway, just wanted to share something other than a music review with you all. What are your thoughts on the new design, and the mK XL in general?
specs and more info available Here

*Note: I used UK links because the microKORG XL is first being released overseas. Also, the UK website is so much nicer looking than the US Korg site. It's so ugly I don't even want to link it.

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Zach said...

for real.
if i start getting more into music writing and stuff, and they aren't too expensive, i'd get it.
we could be twinses