Thursday, December 4, 2008

Record Review: Helios

[2008, Type]

Full review HERE. This is the second work I've reviewed by the Boston based multi-instrumentalist Keith Kenniff. I was pretty unimpressed with the latest Goldmund release, but really liked a lot of his last album under the Helios guise, 2006's Eingya. Caesura definitely has some tracks worth merit, and as a whole is very pretty, but doesn't satisfy. It's lovely aural wallpaper, but ultimately doesn't reward close-listening any more than background-music listening.
If you happen to stumble across this post, Keith, I want you to know that I respect your work, and that you're recordings all sound great. But they need more focus and shouldn't wander so much. Of course, this is just one critic's opinion.
If anybody has a different take on this album, I'd love to discuss.

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