Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Ballad for Heavy Lids

Tonight's the kind of night that I just want to lie down and sleep. Actually, I want to lie down and listen to Stars of the Lid for awhile, then sleep. The first time I ever heard the duo was on my friend Michael's shared itunes library, last year in my dorm. I'd read the name several times before, but never really given the group a chance. If you haven't, and you like ambient (or just beautiful) music but don't know SOTL, then you're missing out. As much as I love the distorted, more processed work of Tim Hecker, Christian Fennesz and Belong, there's a quality in the clean drones of Stars of the Lid that's truly transcendent. Their definitive work, in my opinion, is 2007's ...And Their Refinement of the Decline. Clocking in at two hours, it's not an album for everyday listening, but it's one of the most gorgeous, emotional albums I own. I don't have anything intelligent to say about this at the moment, but I encourage you to go out and get it. Now.

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Zach said...

Done 4 lyfe

Sam C. Mac said...

It's 7 in the morning here, and I've had Boredoms "Super Ae" blasting through my 'phones for the last three hours. So I check in and see that you've posted this entry. Stars of the Lid, you say? Why, that's the perfect music to fall asleep to!

Good suggestion, I'm gonna go enjoy it...