Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mixtape #1: May 2009

Download HERE

For those of you keeping up, my blogging has always been sporadic at best. In an effort to bring fresh content, I've decided to start posting some mixtapes to share the music that I love. They'll be mixed DJ style (ie, one continuous mp3) in adherence to the spirit of the mixtape: the songs were sequenced this way for a reason, so no skipping around. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy, and I'd appreciate feedback.

This mix was inspired by the title track to Bibio's latest album Ambivalence Avenue. I'm typically not a big proponent of analog and lo-fi sounds and techniques (certainly not against them, either), but I love the sound quality of the track. The hazy, lazy feel... it reminds me a bit of the first half of Panda Bear's "Take Pills" played at twice the speed. The rest of the tracks are in a similar vein, for the most part.

0:00 - 3:29 Bibio: "Ambivalence Avenue"
3:29 - 6:48 Broadcast: "Accidentals"
6:48 - 11:20 Animal Collective & Vashti Bunyan: "Prospect Hummer"
11:20 - 14:25 Benoít Pioulard: "Palimend"
14:25 - 18:08 Kurt Vile: "Beach on the Moon (Recycled lyrics)"
18:08 - 20:01 Grouper: "When We Fall"
20:01 - 24:34 Here We Go Magic: "I Just Want to See You Underwater"
24:34 - 31:48 Lotus Plaza: "Antoine"
31:48 - 35:06 Dan Rossen (of Grizzly Bear): "Deep Blue Sea"
35:06 - 36:00 Jon Brion: "Row"
36:00 - End Chad Vangaalen: "Rabid Bits of Time"


Jordan said...

yo boiiii, please make more mixtapes
lovin it.
the back of yo head is redikulous.

Zach said...

prospect hummer=luvin lukas.

(also, the capatcha word for this post is ungies, which makes me laugh)

chet said...

I told you in person, but blog feedback is best. I love this.

Once a month tradition? Yes please.

winter94 said...

I like yr mixxx

caitlin said...

yay! i am so excited to listen to these two mixtapes of yours! long rainy car drive coming up. perfect!

lnl. said...

this is fantastic.
i don't even know how many times i've listened to it.