Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Playlist: 6/5/2009

After DeeJaying my friend's birthday party, I had to cover a shift at V89. I wouldn't have taken it, but I only heard about the party after I volunteered to cover the shift. Needless to say, after being up all day, and DeeJaying for about four hours and playing some live music at a party, I was tired. And since it was Saturday morning in the (very) early hours, I felt like indulging in some drone after I finished getting through my required rotation. I got a very drunken request for Bob Dylan and "Sexy Boy" from Air, somebody called in with an inquiry about who was playing when "Fünf" from Gas' Königsforst was on, there was an extra ice cream sandwich in the station freezer, and I got to play Keith Fullerton Whitman's excellent Lisbon [cover above] in its entirety. I'd say it was a great night. Here's the playlist.

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