Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rock the Vote

Florida State University is currently polling students to determine the performer at Warchant, our annual homecoming concert. Last year it was Lupe Fiasco (who was decent) and Augustana (who were terrible). I don't want a repeat of that, and neither do you. To prevent a terrible band from performing at our fine school, please vote here. you don't even have to be a student! Just vote! i'd appreciate it. Vote for Yeah Yeah Yeahs and prevent any of these egregious acts from disgracing our campus:

Asher Roth
Boys Like Girls
Citizen Cope
Dashboard Confessional
Flo Rida
Kid Cudi
Third Eye Blind
Young Jeezy
Sara Bareilles

Ok, so they aren't all egregious (most are, though). But if you could vote, I'd appreciate it. I don't even think the last YYY album was that great, but they're still better than most of that list.


Sarah said...

I voted this morning after I saw your tweet!

If Third Eye Blind plays I will be "that girl" blaring the YYY (or even Kid Cudi) on a stereo in protest.

jny said...

So far the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are winning. Woot.

Lukas said...

awesome! I'd be okay with kid cudi... from what i've heard he's ok. 3oh!3, third eye blind and asher roth are the worst on that list, in my opinion.