Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fan mail!/Updates

This is not a post about the album of the same name from defunt 90s pop r&b queens TLC. Now that that's established, let us begin. I love receiving feedback for my reviews/commentary/etc. I Received a forwarded email from TMT's editor with something completely unexpected: a reaction to my review for Wino's anthology, A Bottle of Pills With a Bullet Chaser. The review was published in January, so I was pretty surprised to see a response letter so after-the-fact. It's certainly far from my best writing, but I am pretty proud of the line about the singer's lyrics, "about as profound as the brooding couplets scrawled into an angst-ridden high school student’s notebook cover." But enough self-congratulating, here's the letter I received:

Your so cool!

I know that's your opinion. The only thing you know of the band is this

From- WINO.

Glaring grammatical errors aside, I'd like to point out that A Bottle of Pills... is all that anybody (aside from those "lucky" enough to have witnessed the band's live show before their dissolution) could know about this band... it's their entire recorded output. So thank you, dear fan, for assuming the role of band spokesperson and taking the whole of fifteen seconds to share your feelings/embarrass the band you love. Or, if you're actually a former member of the band, you should consider editing yourself.

I recently began working for the music department at WVFS. I will be writing brief reviews for albums entering rotation, so expect some capsule-style reviews here very soon. Currently reviewing BLK JKS's After Robots, David Bazan's Curse Your Branches, and Why?'s Eskimo Snow.

Finally, I have a few reviews that I really want to finish, but haven't found time to, yet. A full review of Zoos of Berlin's great new album Taxis is coming soon(ish), but for now, check out this very elaborate track review for "Electrical Way" (not one of my favorite tracks, but a good one no less) and enjoy the song.

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Anonymous said...

God, your (sic) so awesome. The only thing that would make this better is if you actually did review "Waterfalls" and maybe even "No Scrubs."

No really though, this is neat and I like that line from the review.