Friday, September 11, 2009

Record Review: Es

Kesämaan Lapset
[2009, Fonal]

Read the full review at Tiny Mixtapes. There’s something magical and transcendent about the relatively nascent ‘New Weird Finland’ movement (or ‘Finnish freak-folk,’ or whatever other inane designation you prefer). Es, the recording name of Fonal Records head Sami Sänpäkkilä, continues to demonstrate this strange mysticism on Kesämaan Lapset. Translated as “Children of the Summerland,” Es’ latest pays homage to Finnish artist Pekka Streng’s album Kesämaa (“Summerland”), capturing the essence of summer through the innocent eyes of a child.

I've been consistently impressed with the Fonal Records catalog. If you're unfamiliar with the label, though, I would recommend starting with Eleanoora Rosenholm or Paavoharju, two of my favorites.

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