Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Record Review: Black Mold

Black Mold
Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz
[2009, Flemish Eye]

Read the full review at Tiny Mixtapes. Chad VanGaalen has certainly kept busy over the past few years. In addition to releasing several great albums, he’s produced music for Calgary’s Women, designed album art, and remained closely involved with the Flemish Eye label. The musician hinted at an affinity for warped electronic sounds on albums credited to his given name, but this interest always seemed one of exploratory curiosity than of studied proficiency, as he incorporated electronics into only a song or two on each album. VanGaalen subverts this notion under the Black Mold moniker, releasing a 19-song album complete with “100+ bonus minutes of glitchy oddities” on an included download card...

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In brief, there's some good material on Crystal Antz, but the Black Mold project doesn't even come close to VanGaalen's output under his given name. If you haven't heard him before, I highly recommend his last album, Soft Airplane. Or maybe you don't want to spend money/steal it from the internet? Well, here's a free and legal collection of Soft Airplane B-sides.

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